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Who Ate the First Oyster?: The Extraordinary People Behind the Greatest Firsts in History

Cody Cassidy
# US6432 Paperback, 213 pages; 2020
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In this unique and enormously entertaining jaunt through prehistory, Cody Cassidy introduces the individuals who changed the course of human evolution by controlling fire, performing the first surgery, discovering soap, and more. We don't know all their names of course—the author gives them monikers like "Archie" for the first boy who launched a bow and arrow or "Ma" for the first inventor (she fashioned a sling to carry her baby)—but we learn what they may have looked like, what their daily life entailed, and what motivated their feats of well as the long-term consequences of their actions and the modern scientific advances that allow us all this knowledge. It might be hard to imagine being the first person to look at the slimy innards of an oyster and think, "yum!" but this groundbreaking book nimbly puts you in that prehistoric genius's shoes (technically, shoes didn't exist yet, but you get the idea...). Fascinating! (CH)
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