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The Book of Bizarre Truths

# HAJ632 Hardcovers, 632-704 pages; 2011-2020
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This collection is perfect for those who absorb information as fast as they can digest it. The Book of Answers offers insight into common questions about animals, health, culture, history, unsolved mysteries, sports, food, and more. The Book of Weird and Unusual Trivia is crammed with stories that are eerie, unexpected, and just plain bizarre. The Book of Unusual Knowledge is a cornucopia of information regarding the animal kingdom, art, sports, technology, history, politics, the universe, and more. The Book of Extraordinary Facts is brimming with urban legends, old wives' tales, misattributed quotes, and corrected presumptions. The Book of Bizarre Truths is chock-full of fascinating facts about pop culture, nature, technology, art, history, religion, crime, and strange happenings. Lastly, The Book of Amazing History covers science, politics, the arts, war, popular historical figures, and more. The only downside to all this knowledge? No one will be able to compete with your trivial prowess! (RR)
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