About Bas Bleu

Blue Stockings Bas Bleu is a "bookseller by post"-which is a melodic way of saying we're a mail-order company.

Bas Bleu, Inc. produces a catalog of books and bookish things. We started our company in 1994 and mailed 50,000 copies of our first edition. Now, we mail millions of copies every year to avid readers all over the country. We offer a unique, handpicked selection of odd little books and literary gifts, personally reviewed by our small editorial staff.

We sort through thousands of new offerings from publishers to find those books that offer some combination of cleverness, wisdom, imagination, and joy. If all of this sounds interesting to you, be sure to request our catalog. We hope you like what you see!

A Note About Our Listings: The initials in parentheses after each book review identify its writer: Katherine Giles (KG), Ann Gregory (AG), Christie Hall (CH) and other editorial contributors. The year listed after the the number of pages is the publication date of the edition we're offering; a year listed in parentheses is the original date of publication.
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