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Bas Bleu's All-Time Bestsellers

  • Outwitting Squirrels: 101 Cunning Strategems by Bill Adler Jr.
    Bill Adler knows an inhuman amount about squirrels - and he's hilarious. Fascinating profiles of the enemy prepare you for battle. And then, it's all strategy....[MORE]
  • Twelve Months of Monastery Soups Cookbook
    These exceptional soups from a New York monastery kitchen vary in taste, texture, complexity, and origin, but all 167 (mostly vegetarian) recipes are deliciously...[MORE]
  • Reading Woman Note Cards
    Our beautiful boxed collection of Reading Woman Note Cards includes four different images - oils by Pisa and the Tikhomirovs; watercolors by Leslie...[MORE]
  • Then Sings My Soul
    Then Sings My Soul $19.99 $17.99
    Robert J. Morgan's "hymnal" is part songbook, part devotional guide, and part historical text. Each of the 150 featured hymn's music and lyrics are accompanied...[MORE]
  • Mistakes that Worked
    Mistakes that Worked $11.99 $10.79
    From Silly Putty® to penicillin, from chocolate chip cookies to Post-It® notes, lots of common objects people use (or eat, or play with…)...[MORE]
  • Victoria's Daughters
    Victoria's Daughters $17.99 $16.19
    Queen Victoria bore four sons, but it's her five daughters who are of interest here. They lived privileged lives yet were "married off" politically all...[MORE]