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In Their Own Words: Letters from History

In Their Own Words: Letters from History

the British National Archives Hardcover, 304 pages; 2016
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Letters offer unique insight - not only into history, but into the personal triumphs, tragedies, and hardships of those who came before. Open In Their Own Words and step into Britain's about the struggles of an indentured servant brought to the Americas, catch a glimpse of the rarely seen playful side of Queen Elizabeth I, and flip through the correspondence of the infamous Jack the Ripper. This tome features photos of the letters themselves, along with typed transcriptions (not all of the writers had the best handwriting) and a bit of historical context. Read through this collection and see the common humanity in each letter, whether written by commoner, tradesman, or royalty. (SM)

(UM1142) In Their Own Words: Letters from History


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