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Yes I Could Care Less

Bill Walsh Paperback, 288 pages; 2013
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If erroneous usage "literally" drives you up the wall--you'll enjoy this lively romp through the front lines of the language wars. Though a confessed grammar stickler, copy editor extraordinaire Bill Walsh notes "there's a fine line between snobbery and jerkitude." Walsh is willing to consider arguments from the apologist camp--those "descriptivist" linguists who accept all kinds of aberrations as part of the evolution of the English language--and sometimes he even sides with them (go ahead and use "hopefully" as a sentence adverb). With a wealth of keen insight delivered with dry wit and personal anecdotes, Yes, I Could Care Less is part practical style-guide/part passionate manifesto that's guaranteed to entertain language enthusiasts--especially the snobby sort. (AG)

(UH6212) Yes I Could Care Less


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