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The Map of Lost Memories

Kim Fay Paperback, 340 pages; 2013 (2012)
#UH1052     $15.00

In 1925, when Irene Blum is passed over for the job of curator at Seattle's Brooke Museum of Oriental Art, she fears her career is over - until a wealthy collector hires her to hunt down a priceless artifact from Cambodia's ancient Khmer civilization. Together with a radical Frenchwoman and a handsome nightclub owner, Irene embarks upon an ambitious quest that will guide her from the bustling streets of Shanghai to Saigon, Phnom Penh, and Angkor Wat, and finally into the dense jungles of northern Cambodia. There she will uncover the last traces of a crumbling world - and face an impossible choice that will change her life forever. (KG)

(UH1052) The Map of Lost Memories


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