The Spoken Word: American Writers CD Set

The Spoken Word: American Writers CD Set

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The spirit of the American writer - in all its witty, forthright, quirky, and unrepentantly opinionated brilliance - shines in this intriguing three-disc set. Culled from a rare cache of BBC radio interviews, personal documents, and lectures, these selections (with a running time of 3½ hours) propel bibliophiles beyond the written word into the intellectual lives of some of America's most iconic and popular authors. You'll hear Gertrude Stein's philosophy on the versatility and influence of the English language, Raymond Chandler and Ian Fleming's conversation about literary thrillers, Vladimir Nabokov's explanation of his love-hate relationship with the English dictionary, F. Scott Fitzgerald's private performance of a scene from Othello, an interview with Toni Morrison about African-American culture, and more. Listeners will relish these never-before-released recordings capturing the distinctive American literary voice.

(UK0462) The Spoken Word: American Writers CD Set


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