The Impossible Museum

The Impossible Museum

Celine Délavaux Hardcover, 192 pages; 2012
#UK3272 $24.95 $9.98

The Impossible Museum looks like a lovely coffee table book but reads like an art-themed thriller! These beautifully illustrated pages reveal the intriguing stories behind great works of art that have been hidden, lost, destroyed, or transformed. Discover cave paintings at Lascaux, dating from around 15,000 BC, which were first uncovered in 1940 and are now closed to the public. Read about (and view!) Raphael's alleged self-portrait, appropriated by the Nazis in 1939 Poland, never to be seen again after World War II. Learn the fate of Marie Antoinette's necklace, a diamond extravagance at the center of a heist so dangerous it tainted the reputations of a cardinal, a countess, and the queen herself. Though the wider world may never see some of the most stunning art ever created, The Impossible Museum will allow you to view reproductions of these rare wonders as many times as you like. (MW)

(UK3272) The Impossible Museum


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