Darcy Duffle Coat

Darcy Duffle Coat

#UK2542 $25.95

There's a reason that the teddy bear has been beloved by children for more than a century! Our classically handsome Darcy Bear - with his ultra-soft, machine-washable white fur, velvety brown nose, and jointed legs - is lovingly and durably made to enchant children from one generation to the next. Measuring 14" from the tops of his ears to the tips of his paws, this adorable plush bear comes in a 7½"x7"x7" keepsake box, for those rare occasions when he's not snuggled in the arms of your little one. And when he's striking out on an adventure, Darcy looks so dapper in his brushed cotton Darcy Duffle Coat (sold separately). Made of luxurious navy-blue cotton and fastened with real toggle buttons, the handsome jacket will keep Darcy warm for many winters and bedtimes to come. What a timelessly sweet set! For children of all ages.

(UK2542) Darcy Duffle Coat


No Longer Available

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