Catherine of Alexandria Statue

Catherine of Alexandria Statue

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Legend has it that at the age of eighteen, the learned Catherine of Alexandria experienced a religious vision so powerful that she immediately converted to Christianity - at a time when Roman persecution of Christians was especially fervent. Catherine denounced the emperor and challenged leading pagan scholars to a debate so compelling that she converted many of her opponents. When the infuriated emperor ordered her to be tortured on a wheel, the instrument of torture itself miraculously broke beneath her touch. After her death, the famously eloquent Catherine became the patron of teachers, librarians, and others associated with learning. Handcrafted out of modified gypsum, our 4"-tall Catherine of Alexandria Statue depicts the saint cradling a book beneath a small wheel. With a sturdy hook embedded in its back, this statue can either stand on a shelf or hang on the wall as a reminder of the steadfast power of wisdom. (Made in the U.S.A.)

(UK2372) Catherine of Alexandria Statue


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