A Christmas Memory Book and CD Set

A Christmas Memory Book and CD Set

Truman Capote and illustrated by Beth Peck Hardcover, 48 pages; 2014 (1958)
#UK2442 $18.99

Perhaps my fondest school memories of the Christmas season were the days when my English teachers read A Christmas Memory, Truman Capote's memoir of the unlikely friendship between his seven-year-old self and Cousin Sook, the eccentric old woman who cared for him after he was abandoned by his mother. Treated as pariahs by their extended family and neighbors, the two misfits eschewed all grudges at Christmastime to prepare fruitcakes as gifts. As they gathered the baking ingredients - including bootleg whiskey! - for their beloved treats, they discovered one of life's greatest pleasures: offering kindness where none is expected in return. In this wonderful edition of the enduring holiday classic, Beth Peck's enchanting watercolors and acclaimed actress Celeste Holm's winsome narration lend even more charm to a timeless tale that deserves a spot on every Christmas reading list. (MW)

(UK2442) A Christmas Memory Book and CD Set


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