Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program

Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program

Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D. Paperback, 167 pages; 2016
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As a doctor I find myself talking to patients over and over again about the value of exercise in treating or ameliorating the impact of one or another disease or disability: fractures and osteoporosis, diabetes and stroke. But we also need to remember the fundamental necessity and beauty of exercise...We've forgotten how joyful it is to truly move.

Just so we're clear: Users of this book will not actually start aging in reverse. But you can get some of your mojo back - increasing your aerobic capacity, improving your cognitive efficiency, and elevating your mood - with the help of this carefully designed exercise program. Beginning with a short discussion on the science of aging and exercise, Younger Next Year explores options for those returning to the gym after years away, the importance of warm-ups and good posture, the benefits of yoga, and tips for protecting your back and joints. Finally, the instructions (with diagrams!) for twenty-five "sacred" strength-training exercises will help readers of a certain age lay the foundation for a healthier, happier, younger-feeling life. (KG)

(UK8532) Younger Next Year: The Exercise Program


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