Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer

Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer

Lisa Pliscou and illustrated by Massimo Mongiardo Paperback, 167 pages; 2015
#UK8122 $17.75 Members' Price: $15.09

Yet life went on, steady as a drumbeat. Duties and chores, games and romps, secrets with Cassy and Charles' first steps, letters coming and letters going, words and books, Papa reading and Mama sewing.

Drawing upon the scant facts available about Jane Austen's childhood as well as historical sources about the time period, Lisa Pliscou imaginatively re-creates the early life and artistic development of the beloved author, from birth through adolescence, up until she first "picked up her pen, and began to write." The brief, eminently charming narrative - complete with original illustrations - makes up the first half of this slender volume, and the second half contains the annotated version of the same story, filled with fascinating facts about Jane's life and times. Young Jane Austen makes a perfect introduction to the author for a young reader - especially one with creative inklings. And established Austenites of all ages will find this unique biography enlightening and encouraging as well! (AG)

(UK8122) Young Jane Austen: Becoming a Writer


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