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You Need More Sleep Set of 2

You Need More Sleep Set of 2

Francesco Marciuliano Hardcover, 111 pages; 2015
#UK8422 $25.90 $22.99

Because "for eons cats have led lives of utter confidence, complete independence, and blissful indifference," feline advice is the perfect antidote for human self-doubt, neediness, and worry. This hilarious little book offers philosophical cat wisdom regarding personal relationships ("Never let anyone dress you"), social interaction ("Keep the number of friends you have to a number between 'one' and 'zero'"), career advancement ("Withstand criticism by not listening to what anyone is talking about"), and more. This cheeky "life-altering, ego-enhancing guide" makes a perfectly delightful gift for cat-lovers! Set of 2 You Need More Sleep Books. (CH)

(UK8422) You Need More Sleep Set of 2


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$25.90 $22.99
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