Worn Stories

Worn Stories

Emily Spivack Hardcover, 159 pages; 2014
#UJ6082 $24.95 $17.47

Whether it's a T-shirt from your first concert, that threadbare sweater you swear still smells like your grandfather's pipe tobacco, or even your wedding dress, chances are good you have at least one article of clothing in your closet that is never worn yet is too precious to throw out. Worn Stories tells more than sixty tales of such clothes, the poignant stories behind them collected from celebrities as well as Average Joes. For World Cup champion Brandi Chastain, it's a T-shirt from her first soccer tournament; for poet Kenneth Goldsmith, the suit he wore to the White House; for film director Jeff Zimbalist, the outfit in which he survived a kidnapping in India; for fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, the Girl Scout uniform sash that provided her earliest business training; for musician Rosanne Cash, her father Johnny's purple tuxedo shirt. Few of the vestments honored here hold any monetary value, yet the memories stitched into their seams are priceless. (KG)

(UJ6082) Worn Stories


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