We Are All Stardust

We Are All Stardust

Stefan Klein and translated by Ross Benjamin Paperback, 264 pages; 2015 (2010)
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In this unique collection of engaging conversations between journalist Stefan Klein and eighteen of the world's most prominent scientists, we get a thrilling look at compelling and cutting-edge ideas in the fields of biology, neuroscience, anthropology, cosmology, chemistry, physiology, philosophy, and more. And it's such a personal (and approachable) peek! Richard Dawkins discusses egoism and selflessness, Jane Goodall delves into our relationship with animals, Elizabeth Blackburn explores aging and immortality, Roald Hoffman (a poet as well as a chemist) ponders beauty, Alison Gopnik shares how "Babies Can be Smarter Than Us"...and the intriguing list of topics goes on. We Are All Stardust - a great gift for college kids looking for inspiration in their own career paths - offers fascinating fare for all kinds of curious spirits. (CH)

(UL1072) We Are All Stardust


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