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Viorst: Unexpectedly Eighty

Viorst: Unexpectedly Eighty

Judith Viorst Fifty: Hardcover, 64 pages; 1989
Sixty: Hardcover, 80 pages; 2000
Seventy: Hardcover, 78 pages; 2005
Eighty: Hardcover, 80 pages; 2010
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Judith Viorst has her finger on the pulse of women's lives. In one of four slender volumes of whimsical poetry, she focuses her quirky sense of humor and her winning way with words on the unimagined frustrations - and the unexpected pleasures - of aging. These are warm and witty verses: Most are funny, some are tender and poignant. Any woman of a certain age will enjoy the commiseration this little gift book offers! It makes a tasteful gift for that landmark birthday party. Also see Forever Fifty, Suddenly Sixty and I'm Too Young to Be Seventy. (EE)

(UD4292) Viorst: Unexpectedly Eighty


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