Venice: An Illustrated Miscellany

Venice: An Illustrated Miscellany

Philippe Sollers Hardcover, 251 pages; 2014
#UK0142 $34.95 $27.96

If a trip to Europe isn't in the cards for you this summer, never fear: With just the turn of a page, you can embark upon a sumptuous journey through France or Venice!France: An Illustrated Miscellany is an effervescent love letter from writer Dennis Tillinac to his cherished homeland, ruminating on everything from Napoleon Bonaparte and Édith Piaf to the Loire and Notre-Dame Cathedral to champagne and baguettes. Philippe Sollers's Venice: An Illustrated Miscellany pays rich homage to the floating Italian city that's bewitched travelers for centuries, exploring Saint Mark's Basilica and La Fenice theater, Casanova and Andrea Palladio, surging tides and boats on the Grand Canal. Each handsome volume consists of more than forty brief essays interspersed with vibrantly evocative photographs and paintings, creating a pictorial "grand tour" you'll long to repeat time and again. (KG)

(UK0142) Venice: An Illustrated Miscellany


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