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The Sound of Gravel

The Sound of Gravel

Ruth Wariner Hardcover, 352 pages; 2016
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Ruth Wariner was her mother's fourth child and her father's thirty-ninth. The founder and high prophet of a polygamous, fundamentalist Mormon sect in Mexico, Ruth's father, Joel LeBaron, was murdered by an adversarial sect led by his brother when Ruth was a baby. Her mother, believing Joel's prophecy that the "destruction of Babylon" was imminent, stayed in the sect and married another polygamist. That unimaginable reality is where The Sound of Gravel begins. Ruth's raw, moving, graceful memoir shares the unforgettable account of her childhood, filled with poverty, trauma, and abuse, but also charged with hope, courage, and love. The young girl you'll meet here is an inspiration, and her story is riveting. (CH)

(UK7862) The Sound of Gravel


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