The Little Free Library Book

The Little Free Library Book

Margret Aldrich Hardcover, 259 pages; 2015
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In 2009, a Wisconsin man built a wooden model of a schoolhouse, filled it with books, and fastened it to a post in his front yard. His goal: to honor the memory of his librarian mother by sharing free books with his neighbors. Six years later, more than 25,000 Little Free Libraries are scattered around the world, quaint yet powerful symbols of how the love of books draws people together. This wonderful "autobiography" shares dozens of tales about Little Free Libraries making a big difference: forging bonds between neighbors, helping struggling communities improve literacy rates, even providing books for some of the 11,000 American towns devoid of public libraries. We suspect our fellow bluestockings may be inspired to start their own Little Free Libraries, and this handy volume also includes blueprints and construction instructions, tips for choosing the perfect location, and more. What a heartwarming tribute to the power of books! (KG)

(UK1472) The Little Free Library Book


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