The Great Sicilian Cat Rescue

The Great Sicilian Cat Rescue

Jennifer Pulling Paperback, 294 pages; 2015
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Jennifer Pulling was a twenty-something British journalist when she first set foot on the shores of Sicily, embarking upon what she calls "the ultimate love affair because it was not so much with a man but a deep and abiding passion for a place." Yet her connection to the ancient island was cemented in 2002, when, while vacationing with a friend in the village of Taormina, Pulling came to the aid of a badly injured stray cat. So began her passionate mission to provide aid to the island's substantial - and too often abused - feral cat population. As she worked to raise money, rally veterinarians, and raise awareness of the animals' plight, Pulling gained a deeper understanding of and affection for Sicily's unique people and culture. Cat aficionados will be touched by this heartwarming true-life story of one woman's crusade to protect the animals she loves. (KG)

(UK4232) The Great Sicilian Cat Rescue


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