The Economist Style Guide: 11th Edition

The Economist Style Guide: 11th Edition

Paperback, 280 pages; 2015 (1986)
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Rarely is something so practical so delightfully compelling! The Economist Style Guide (now in its 11th edition) has been an indispensable guide to clear and elegant writing for decades. The fact that this judicious reference book is also entertaining and fascinating is simply an added bonus. You'll find three highly browsable sections: One is based on the style book used by editors of The Economist; the second focuses on differences between American and British English; and the third lists a magnificent miscellany of useful information for worldly citizens. Peruse this book to sharpen your writing skills, to enhance your mental acuity as a reader, or just to have some good, clever fun! (CH)

(UK4082) The Economist Style Guide: 11th Edition


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$16.99 $8.50
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