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The Culinarian: A Kitchen Desk Reference

The Culinarian: A Kitchen Desk Reference

Barbara Ann Kipfer and illustrated by Kyle Kipfer Paperback, 616 pages; 2011
#UL0012 $19.99 $13.99

This comprehensive culinary dictionary guides cooks from A (absinthe, acidic, acorn squash) to Z (zucchini, zuppa inglese, zwieback) - and so much more! You'll find everything from lists (of kitchen supplies, temperatures for doneness in various meats, edible flowers) and food histories (early-American pumpkin pie was baked in a pumpkin, rimmed plates may have evolved from bread slices) to kitchen science (why blowing on hot food cools it, why pineapple mixed with cream causes curdling) and recommended flavor pairings (lemon with asparagus and smoked fish, thyme with pork and cinnamon). Even the most experienced cooks are bound to learn a thing or two from this handy guide; it's packed with everything but the kitchen sink! (KG)

(UL0012) The Culinarian: A Kitchen Desk Reference


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