Shakespeare's Restless World

Shakespeare's Restless World

Neil MacGregor Paperback, 320 pages; 2014 (2013)
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For contemporary theatergoers, a Shakespearean play may feel like an escape into another world, where noblemen are shipwrecked with monsters and kings are forever outfoxing would-be assassins. And yet the Bard drew heavily from the time in which he lived, making his plays all the more accessible to working-class Londoners...and unwittingly drafting timeless reflections on the tumultuous and exciting Elizabethan age. To create this absorbing account of Shakespearean England, Neil MacGregor, director of the British Museum, examines twenty artifacts - a medal commemorating Sir Francis Drake's successful circumnavigation of the globe, an iron fork excavated from the Rose Theatre, a royal proclamation warning of a plague outbreak, and more - to explore the events and culture that influenced the great poet. Sprinkled liberally with excerpts from Shakespeare's plays as well as illuminating illustrations, this "portrait of an era" is a must-read for literature-lovers and history buffs. (KG)

(UL0952) Shakespeare's Restless World


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