Old Quilts New Life

Old Quilts New Life

Sarah Fielke Paperback, 160 pages; 2015
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Just as they are composed of seemingly disparate scraps of cloth, quilts offer a curious amalgam of function, beauty, and nostalgia. So it's fitting that this collection of eighteen quilting projects is by turns an art-history book and a how-to guide! In each chapter, quilting instructor Sarah Fielke examines the construction and design of specific types of quilts - whole-cloth quilts, log cabin quilts, centennial quilts - using beautiful examples from the collections of the American Folk Art Museum in New York. Then, she goes on to offer instructions for creating two quilts inspired by the original, complete with materials lists, cutting instructions, and assembly diagrams. Fielke even includes a fabric guide, tips on stitching techniques, advice on hand-sewing vs. machinesewing, and an appendix full of templates. Whether you're an amateur quilter ready to tackle a serious piece, a long-time stitcher eager for a new challenge, or simply a quilt-lover who enjoys beautiful textile art, Old Quilts New Life has you, well, covered! (KG)

(UL0822) Old Quilts New Life


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