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Naturally Curious Day by Day

Naturally Curious Day by Day

Mary Holland Paperback, 456 pages; 2016
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Let curiosity open the door to the natural world - a connection to and compassion for all living things will follow.

A virtual ramble through the woods, this photographic field journal presents fascinating nature observations for every day of the year. Naturalist Mary Holland spotlights eye-opening daily events in the world of plants and wildlife. From the free-floating, flowering bladderwort's carnivorous feeding process to the one-ounce woodland jumping mouse's knack for eight-foot leaps, each entry will delight fans of the great outdoors, enhancing future excursions or simply adding a breath of fresh air to a day spent inside. This informative guide focuses on flora and fauna of the American Northeast, but it is universally fascinating. (I'll surely never see a snowshoe hare here in Atlanta, but I'm glad I got to "meet" one in this beautiful book!) [Editor's note: Naturally Curious Day by Day is wonderful for all ages, but it does not shy away from scatological details or the sometimes harsh circle of life.] (CH)

(UM2842) Naturally Curious Day by Day


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