Lists of Note

Lists of Note

compiled by Shaun Usher Hardcover, 317 pages; 2015
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If you, like me, love ordering your life through lists - shopping lists, to-do lists, books-to-read lists - you'll love this fascinating collection of more than one hundred lists by notable men and women. These Lists of Note include a tenth-century Chinese shopping list; a list of JFK's possible assassins, scribbled by his secretary as she escorted his body back to Washington on Air Force One; Gene Autry's ten-item Cowboy Code; Walt Disney's list of possible names for Snow White's seven dwarves; Johnny Cash's daily to-do list (item #2: "Kiss June"); Martin Luther King, Jr.'s suggestions for integrating Montgomery buses; Edith Wharton's list of her favorite books; Satchel Paige's rules for the good life; even a tally of workmen's absences from ancient Egypt! Each entry includes a photograph of the original document, an English transcription, and a short informational paragraph, all of which combine to offer an insightful - and, at times, deeply personal - glimpse into the list writer's life. Place this absorbing volume on your coffee table and watch your family members and guests get lost in the treasure trove of trivia! (KG)

(UJ7502) Lists of Note


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