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How to Cook Without a Book

How to Cook Without a Book

Pam Anderson Hardcover, 290 pages; 2000
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It may seem counterintuitive to read a book telling you "how to cook without a book," but bear with us, please! More training manual than cookbook, this collection of "recipes and techniques every cook should know by heart" is designed to teach you "how to prepare a meal based on available ingredients, limited time, and a simple cooking technique." Translation? Once you learn the proper method for searing meat, you can whip up scallops, a strip steak, or pork tenderloin medallions in no time. One basic formula for soup can be adapted to create more than a dozen delicious variations. And once you master the recipe for The Big Fat Omelet, you can make a quick, filling main course for four with whatever fillings you have on hand. Yes, you can use it as a traditional cookbook, referring back to the classic recipes whenever you need a "refresher" course, but at its core this unique guide is a terrific resource for young (or young-at-heart) adults learning to live on their own, as well as families looking to spend less time and money in restaurants and on takeout. (KG)

(UM4642) How to Cook Without a Book


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