"How Dogs Love Us" by Gregory Berns

"How Dogs Love Us" by Gregory Berns

Gregory Berns Hardcover, 248 pages; 2013
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Dogs have long been considered "man's best friend," but do they really love us the way we love them? Gregory Berns, a neuroeconomics professor at Emory University and a confirmed dog-lover, realized he was in a position to find out. Having spent much of his career studying functional MRI scans of human cerebral activity, he resolved to try using the same technology to gain a better understanding of the canine brain. How Dogs Love Us is a scientifically fascinating and engagingly personal chronicle of what became known as the Dog Project. After confronting many obstacles - one of the most significant was training Berns's terrier mix, Callie, to remain perfectly still for the scans - the research offers stunning insight into the emotional and social intelligence of our canine companions. (AG)

(UH3922) "How Dogs Love Us" by Gregory Berns


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