Faithfully Yours

Faithfully Yours

Peggy Frezon Hardcover, 176 pages; 2015
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This heartwarming book engagingly explores "the amazing bond between us and the animals we love" - and how that bond mirrors and enhances our relationship with God. Chapters on devotion, acceptance, compassion, guidance, and more feature dozens of uplifting true stories about such everyday heroes as the husky who escaped his house in order to visit his owner in the hospital, the gorilla who protected a little boy who fell into his enclosure at the zoo, and the miniature horse who guides a blind teacher. Sprinkled throughout with Bible verses as well as insight and personal anecdotes from the author, Faithfully Yours will inspire and delight anyone who's ever experienced the life-altering love of - and for - a furry companion. (AG)

(UK4122) Faithfully Yours


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