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Downsizing the Family Home

Downsizing the Family Home

Marni Jameson Paperback, 237 pages; 2015
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All across the country, the groans are getting louder as the adult children of aging parents, and often the parents themselves, look at a lifetime of accumulations and cry: "What am I going to do with all this stuff?"

Sound familiar? Don't worry, beloved syndicated columnist Marni Jameson feels your distress - she's been there, too - and she knows how to help! In Downsizing the Family Home, Jameson chronicles her own emotional yet successful efforts to clear out her childhood home when her parents were transitioning to assisted living. Filled with wise (and detailed) advice about what to keep and what to let go, inspired tips from experts (antiques appraisers, professional organizers, psychologists, and more), and loads of comforting empathy and good humor, this guide to positively dealing with an overwhelming amount of treasured belongings (and all that other stuff) is itself a small and valuable treasure! (CH)

(UL1252) Downsizing the Family Home


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