Churchill: The Life

Churchill: The Life

Max Arthur Hardcover, 272 pages; 2015
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I see further ahead than you do. I see into the future. This country will be subjected somehow, to a tremendous invasion, by what means I do not know, but...I tell you I shall be in command of the defences of London and I shall save London and England from disaster. - sixteen-year-old Winston Churchill's prediction for his future

During his extraordinary lifetime, Winston Churchill became more than just an influential statesman; he transformed into one of the most important men in modern history. This absorbing "pictorial biography" explores his life in images - from childhood portraits, (dismal) school report cards, and family letters to military photographs, newspaper clippings, and candid snapshots. In-depth captions offer insight (often in Churchill's own words) into each image, aptly reflecting "the British Bulldog's" personality and towering legacy. What a fascinating look at a remarkable man! (KG)

(UK7062) Churchill: The Life


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