Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

edited by Terence Dickinson Hardcover, 287 pages; 2015
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Every year, Britain's Royal Observatory, Greenwich, joins forces with BBC Sky at Night Magazine to host the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, designed "to showcase the best celestial images taken from Planet Earth." The results, not surprisingly, are out of this world! Between the covers of this breathtaking coffee-table book you'll find stunning images of the Perseid meteor shower over Yosemite National Park, a hybrid solar eclipse over Kenya, the brick-red Cone Nebula ("a tower of dark interstellar dust around seven light years high"), the International Space Station tracking its path across the sun...and more! Arranged by competition category - Earth and Space, Our Solar System, and Deep Space - each award-winning picture includes a detailed description by the photographer, as well as information about the camera equipment (and, occasionally, the telescope) used to capture it. Such an amazing book for shutterbugs, star gazers, and any other earthling enchanted by the staggering scope and beauty of our universe! (KG)

(UK6852) Astronomy Photographer of the Year


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