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An Atlas of Countries That Don't Exist

An Atlas of Countries That Don't Exist

Nick Middleton Hardcover, 232 pages; 2017
#UM1482 $29.95 Members' Price: $25.46

What, exactly, makes a country a country? Assembling a government? Flying its own flag? Being recognized by other nations? This fascinating atlas explores "fifty unrecognized and largely unnoticed states" around the globe, all of which "have failed to secure a seat at the United Nations General Assembly and none has widespread international recognition as a sovereign state." Taiwan, formally known as the Republic of China, was a founding member of the United Nations until its expulsion in favor of the People's Republic of China left Taiwan in a bizarre diplomatic limbo. Queen Elizabeth II missed the deadline to explain to the Aboriginal people of Murrawarri in Australia why she had the right to govern them without defeating them in war or signing a treaty, so the Murrawarri refuse to cede their sovereignty to her. The Tuareg of Azawad in Mali fought for decades for an independent state, gaining it briefly in 2012 before losing it again amid security fears in the "war on terror." You'll never look at the world map the same way again! (KG)

(UM1482) An Atlas of Countries That Don't Exist


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