A Wolf Called Romeo

A Wolf Called Romeo

Nick Jans Paperback, 267 pages; 2015 (2014)
#UK0182 $14.95 $11.96

...the true measure of distance between wolves and dogs lies in the eyes. A dog's may display intelligence and engagement, but being caught in a wolf 's unblinking gaze is like standing in the path of a laser. That startling intensity bores in and seems to take the very measure of your being.

This lyrical memoir relates the remarkable true story of a huge black wolf living on the outskirts of Juneau, Alaska, and his incredible interactions with the people and dogs of the community. Nature writer and photographer Nick Jans, one of the first to spot and engage the wild animal, eloquently captures the euphoria and heart-pounding thrill of encountering, photographing, and befriending the majestic beast, whom he later dubbed Romeo because of his playful advances toward many local domestic canines. Through both evolutionary science and the cultural lore surrounding wolves, Jans explores the blurry and complicated boundary between wilderness and civilization. Animal-lovers, be sure to have tissues at hand: This story of a magical interspecies bond is both profoundly thoughtful and heart-wrenchingly moving. (AG)

(UK0182) A Wolf Called Romeo


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