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12,000 Dreams Interpreted

12,000 Dreams Interpreted

Gustavus Hindman Miller; revised and updated by Linda Shields and Lenore Skomal Paperback, 544 pages; 2012 (1995)
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An updated version of a century-old classic, this comprehensive dream dictionary is endlessly entertaining. The 12,000 alphabetical entries - from "abacus" and "abandonment" to "zipper" and "the Zodiac" - encompass all kinds of themes or objects that may appear in your reveries, offering a sentence or two about what each may indicate or portend. A dream of flying high above the ground may indicate marital trouble, for example, while consuming fresh food is a sign of good luck. I have a recurring nightmare of struggling unsuccessfully with a manual-transmission car, so I was excited to find "stick shift" among the listings! (Though I was less thrilled to learn that such a dream forecasts a business dilemma.) Yes, it's kind of hokey and perhaps a bit scientifically suspect, but 12,000 Dreams Interpreted is guaranteed to be a hit at any gathering - it's irresistibly browsable! (AG)

(UK3432) 12,000 Dreams Interpreted


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$12.95 $9.07
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