100 Greatest Military Photographs

100 Greatest Military Photographs

Robert J. Dalessandro, Erin R. Mahan, and Jerry D. Morelock Hardcover, 187 pages; 2013
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Since the Civil War, military photographers have captured the triumphs and horrors of war, evoking the cost of human conflict in a way that words cannot. In this powerful anthology, 100 military photographs chronicle 150 years of wartime history, from the Civil War to the War on Terror. Some of the images, like "Iwo Jima Flag Raising" and "Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, Gettysburg," are widely recognizable. Others, such as those of an American soldier cradling a grieving comrade in Korea and a weeping Czech woman reluctantly giving the Nazi salute, are less well known but no less wrenching. Accompanied by brief overviews of each image's context and history, this stirring collection deserves the attention of every American. (KG)

(UK6102) 100 Greatest Military Photographs


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$29.95 $14.98
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