The Undertaking

The Undertaking

Audrey Magee Paperback, 287 pages; 2014
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Desperate for respite from the frontlines of World War II, German soldier Peter Faber secures honeymoon leave by marrying a stranger named Katharina, a single young woman in Berlin motivated by the status of being a soldier's wife and the security of a widow's pension. This riveting novel opens with their first meeting, as man and wife, in Berlin, at the height of Hitler's power. Their unique and devastating love story unfolds as the Nazis fall to the Allied forces, presenting a brutally intimate account of the ravages of war both on the battlefield and the home front. I've read many novels depicting the horrors of World War II, but this is the first to open my eyes to the point of view of ordinary Germans who believed in the Nazi cause. It's unsettling, yes - but Audrey Magee skillfully lays bare the nuances of the conflict, allowing for moral complexity to coexist with absolute condemnation. Bold, suspenseful, and profoundly moving, The Undertaking is a novel you won't soon forget. (AG)

(UL1042) The Undertaking


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