The Story of the Lost Child

The Story of the Lost Child

Elena Ferrante
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Receiving spectacular praise from critics and readers alike - and John Freeman of The Australian, for example, gushed "Imagine if Jane Austen got angry and you'll have some idea of how explosive these works are" - Elena Ferrante's bold, superb, and richly compelling Neapolitan Novels explore the complexities of a female friendship with powerful honesty and breathtaking insight. Set against the politically tumultuous backdrop of mid twentieth-century Italy, the series begins with My Brilliant Friend, which introduces Elena and Lila growing up on the tough streets of Naples. Life is hard, everything is a struggle, but these two bright, ambitious young women help each other to forge ahead - with a competitive undercurrent that's not unusual in the best of friends. From adolescence to old age - through marriages, career changes, motherhood, love affairs...myriad personal and professional ups and downs - Elena and Lila's ebbing and flowing connection is explored in writing that is fierce and urgent. These gorgeous novels are impossible to put down, and when you've finished the series, you'll miss all of the characters you've come to know so well. See also Story of a New Name and Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. (AG)

(UL0782) The Story of the Lost Child


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