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The Red Notebook

The Red Notebook

Antoine Laurain and translated by Jane Aitken Paperback, 240 pages; 2015
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Late one evening just outside her apartment building, Laure Valadier is mugged. Her handbag is stolen, and she sustains a head injury that leads to a coma. The next morning, a bookseller named Laurent Letellier finds the discarded purse with most of its contents in place: a bottle of perfume, makeup, a gold lighter, a Montblanc pen, a hair clip, keys, photographs, a small red notebook of personal thoughts and observations, and a novel. An inscription on the fly leaf of the novel indicates that the owner's name is Laure, but nothing else provides a clue to her identity. An enchanting mélange of gentle mystery and sweet romance, this charming French novel follows Laurent through the streets of Paris in search of the mysterious Laure, with whom he finds himself falling in love.(AG)
This title is part of our 2016 Bluestocking Book a Month package.

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(UK5072) The Red Notebook


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