The High Divide

The High Divide

Lin Enger Hardcover, 332 pages; 2014
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After Ulysses Pope disappears, leaving only a brief note for his family telling them he's gone to find work, his Danish wife, Gretta, and their young sons, Eli and Danny, fear the worst. And when their lecherous landlord threatens to repossess the Popes' farm unless Gretta can make good on the rent - in cash or in trade - Eli and Danny hop a freight train, determined to track down their father themselves. Gretta, of course, has little choice but to give chase. So begins a dramatic, three-part family odyssey across the fierce landscape of nineteenth-century Minnesota, as a man in search of redemption and a woman and children in search of the truth struggle to come together again. I hesitate to call this novel a "Western" for fear of invoking images of dime-novel shootouts and cheesy black-hatted villains, yet The High Divide's exploration of the post-Civil War Midwest and the fortitude of the people who carved out a life there is powerfully evocative and utterly captivating. (KG)

(UJ5432) The High Divide


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