The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

Philip Van Doren Stern Hardcover, 55 pages; 2014 (1943)
#UK1172 $9.99

In 1943, Philip Van Doren Stern printed 200 copies of a short story he'd written and mailed them as Christmas cards to friends and family. Four months later, he was stunned to learn that RKO Pictures wanted to buy the movie rights. And that's how a simple Christmas card became It's a Wonderful Life, one of the most beloved films of all time. This pretty keepsake edition pairs the original tale of George Bailey's Christmas Eve crisis with an afterword, written by the author's daughter, about the story's origins and how Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewart immortalized Stern's heartwarming parable about the important difference just one person's life can make. (KG)

(UK1172) The Greatest Gift


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