The Best American Mystery Stories 2015

The Best American Mystery Stories 2015

edited by James Patterson Paperback, 432 pages; 2015
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Most of the vivid and captivating stories in this first-class anthology veer from the "classic detective tale of observation and deduction" wherein the good guy catches the bad guy. In fact, several of the elegantly penned accounts - of revenge, romantic suspense, crime, or other villainy - are narrated by the very person "whodunit." The wonderful allure of the short mysteries presented here is provided by the myriad circumstances and psychological motivations that lead to murder and mayhem... and the emotional tension that accompanies it all. Of course, there are plenty of plot twists and surprise endings in this nineteenth edition of The Best American Mystery Stories - guest editor James Patterson has picked twenty winning thrillers by contemporary (new and established) masters of the form including Lee Child, Joseph D'Agnese, and Joyce Carol Oates. (CH)

(UL1572) The Best American Mystery Stories 2015


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