The Baker's Daughter

The Baker's Daughter

D. E. Stevenson Paperback, 275 pages; 2016 (1938)
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Written in 1938 and set in a tiny town (and the surrounding countryside) in southern Scotland, The Baker's Daughter is another charming novel from D. E. Stevenson that wraps you in a warmhearted reverie. Sue Pringle, a kind and sensible young lady, leaves her rather unhappy home to keep house for a visionary painter and his wife in a rural, disused flour mill. As ordinary days go by, Sue finds fulfillment and joy in her newfound work, life, and friends - and unexpected emotions begin to bloom. This delightful old-fashioned romance is a comforting breeze of a book, filled with love and family, poetry and art, and just the right amount of difficulties to overcome. (CH)

(UL0132) The Baker's Daughter


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$14.99 $11.96
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