Strange Gods

Strange Gods

Annamaria Alfieri Hardcover, 274 pages; 2014
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When a white man is found dead in a coffee field in British East Africa (known today as Kenya), British authorities are quick to accuse the local Kikuyu tribe's witch doctor of murder. But a few in Nairobi are not so easily convinced: Vera McIntosh, the dead man's niece, who was born and raised among the Africans; Justin Tolliver, an aristocratic Englishman pursuing a career in the district police force; and Kwai Libazo, Tolliver's half-Maasai, half-Kikuyu lieutenant. For it seems the dead man had no shortage of enemies - black or white - and Vera, Justin, and Kwai refuse to allow an innocent person to die for a crime he didn't commit. Dark secrets, culture clashes, family a little romance...all combine to make this murder mystery, set against the backdrop of colonial Africa, an intriguing read. (KG)

(UK5292) Strange Gods


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