Murder at the Brightwell

Murder at the Brightwell

Ashley Weaver Paperback, 336 pages; 2015 (2014)
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This elegantly charming and thoughtfully sophisticated murder mystery (set in 1930s England) introduces the equally charming and sophisticated accidental sleuth Amory Ames. Frustrated by her seductively suave and devastatingly handsome husband's roguish behavior, Amory agrees to a request for a (debatably innocent) favor from her dear old friend (and ex-fiancé!) Gil Trent. The favor involves the duo - each wrestling with fond feelings for the other - posing as a couple on holiday at a posh seaside resort with Gil's acquaintances. Soon after Amory meets the delightfully odd (and mostly unpleasant) group of wealthy vacationers, one of them is murdered - and to complicate matters further, Amory's husband shows up! With witty dialogue, charismatic characters, and myriad twists of plot, Murder at the Brightwell is a cheerful and amusing diversion for fans of cozy mysteries...and waggish love stories! See the follow-up book, Death Wears a Mask here. (CH)

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(UK6242) Murder at the Brightwell


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