Girl Waits With Gun

Girl Waits With Gun

Amy Stewart Hardcover, 408 pages; 2015
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When businessman Henry Kaufman runs down the Kopp sisters' buggy with his newfangled automobile in 1914, the eminently practical Constance Kopp thinks nothing of mailing him an invoice for damages. After all, the sisters are adept at taking care of themselves, living alone on their New Jersey farm at a time when most women their age have long since been married off. But a man like Kaufman isn't used to being challenged - particularly by a woman - and promptly sets out to scare the sisters into submission. He's counting on his family's political clout to shield him from the law...but he never figured on Constance's determination to protect the people she loves at any cost. Based on a true story about America's first female deputy sheriff, this historical novel is smart, funny, and oh-so-entertaining, with an indomitable heroine you'll not soon forget!(KG)

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(UK4202) Girl Waits With Gun


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