Friday's Child

Friday's Child

Georgette Heyer Paperback, 423 pages; 2008 (1944)
#UK8452 $13.95 $11.16

When beautiful Isabella Milborne rejects Lord Anthony Sheringham's marriage proposal, the hotheaded viscount isn't exactly brokenhearted. He is, however, furious: He cannot take control of his inheritance until he is married. And so "Sherry" vows to marry the next female who crosses his path...never guessing that lady will be his childhood playmate Hero Wantage, who is desperate to avoid a dull life as a governess. Agreeing to a marriage of convenience, the couple elopes to London, scandalizing Sherry's indomitable mama and shocking his bachelor friends. Sherry doesn't understand the fuss; though fond of young Hero, he sees no reason why their arrangement should derail his fun-loving social life. Boy, is he wrong! Soon after Hero's arrival in London, Sherry discovers his sweet-tempered but naïve new wife has an uncanny knack for getting into scrapes - and as her husband it's up to him (and his delightfully charming trio of best friends) to bail her out! Friday's Child is Georgette Heyer at her comedic best, a laugh-out-loud social comedy filled with memorable characters and capped by a romantic ending that will come as no surprise to anyone - except Sherry and Hero! (KG)

(UK8452) Friday's Child


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