Devil's Cub

Devil's Cub

Georgette Heyer Paperback, 310 pages; 2009 (1932)
#UK1012 $13.99 $11.19

A swashbuckling Georgian romance, These Old Shades opens as the notoriously rakish Duke of Avon impetuously hires a young street urchin named Léon to be his page. When Léon turns out to be the lovely (female) Léonie, the Duke discovers a shocking secret about the plucky girl's past, and devises a plan to enact devastating revenge upon an old rival. Along the way there's a rags-to-riches makeover, a dastardly kidnapping, a heart-pounding chase, lots of witty banter, and, of course, the inevitable love story. The irresistible adventure continues with the rousing sequel, Devil's Cub, which follows the Duke of Avon's fiery and devastatingly handsome son, the Marquis of Vidal. Banished from England by his father after one too many ill-advised duels, the irascible young marquis plots to abscond with a naïve aristocrat bent on marriage. But it's his intended's cerebral and enterprising elder sister whom the "devil's cub" winds up kidnapping instead...Filled with action, romance, and humor, these are two of Georgette Heyer's most beloved novels! (AG)

(UK1012) Devil's Cub


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